Case IH AG Europe [07.2012] Spare Parts Satalog & Service Information

Case IH AG Europe [07.2012] Spare Parts Satalog & Service Information

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Case IH AG Europe [07.2012] Spare Parts Satalog & Service Information
Size: 10,2Gb
Languages: English, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, French, Czech, Swedish
Region: Europe
Type: Spare parts catalog & service Information for Case IH Agricultural.
Brand: Case IH AG
Win: WIN XP, Vista, WIN7
Year: 07.2012
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CASE IH Agricultural Machines - the catalogue of spare parts agricultural machinery. Technics{technical equipment} of the European markets of firm CASE and STEYR. c 1990 on 2011.
Spare parts catalog Case IH AG contains the catalogue of details for agriculture technics Case IH AG.
The program on one DVD is delivered, the information is submitted on models of the current modelling lines, since 1994.

The interface of the spare parts catalog Case IH AG Agriculture is enough idle time, there is a search on type, models, to number and the name of a detail, applicability of a detail.

Parts catalog for Case IH AG agriculture equipment. This parts catalog contains information for European Case IH AG equipment.


1. Insert DVD ISO 1 and run install
2. Insert DVD ISO 2 when it asks
3. Insert DVD ISO 3 when it asks
4. After finish click "Finish"
5. Change the time on PC into before 07.2012 first
6. Run "Powerview" C:\Program Files\Powerview.NET and work offline
7. Import Database
Click "Add" and choose folder data in "C:\pvdatastore"
8. After import data base, enter some info about you
9. Done and run. Before you

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